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3D printed T200 thruster

(Andreas Hölldorfer) #1

I got the stupid idea in my mind to build an ROV, since I’m still a student my budget is very low. Since the cad files are for download I though to give it a try and just print them. I modified them to fit an Roxxy 2824-34 motor form my old drone that was sitting in the stock for years.
My fist tests are quite promising:

By now I printed the case and then I will build test rig.

Next things to do, I will get a more suitable motor (slower) and replace the bearings with polymer underwater bushings ( Igus H370FI-0203-03).

So don’t get me wrong I think the T200 are quite cheap for what you get, but still a lot of money if you need 6 (or 7) of them. If you just messing around. I think the printed version can’t by fare compete with the real once but. for my intention (sweet water lakes with max 30m depth) I think I they will work. (Besides at some time my budget will increase :wink: )
Finally here is a picture of my preliminary ROV :

(Rusty) #2


Nice work! I like the ROV design. That is very unique but also very functional and attractive.