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T200 propeller mounted on M200?

(Jaume Gomila) #1

Hi everyone!

I know that the T200 thrusters internals are the same as the M200.

Can the T200 propeller be mounted directly on a M200?

I want to save as much space I can and I’m planing on mounting the M200 on my ROV chassis. The chassis will include a tube like section were the M200 and the T200 propeller would be fitted making it ducted.

(Adam) #2

Hi @jaumegb,

Thats correct, the T200 propeller will mount directly to an M200 with no modification, the T200 and M200 rotors are identical. However, this will not result in the same as T200 performance- the T200 nozzle and its specific shape, plus the nose cone and tail cone have a significant positive impact on thrust and efficiency.