Bigger T200 Propeller

I hope they come out with bigger impeller for t200 just as an upgrade to push more water and produce more thrust,

Hi @ravi197699,

I’ve moved your comment to its own post, because it’s unrelated to the topic you posted it in :slight_smile:

A larger propeller for the T200 doesn’t really make sense, because it wouldn’t fit in the thruster nozzle. Outside of that, thrust is also dependent on the rotation speed, which is dependent on the torque the motor can output. A larger propeller area has more resistance, so for the same motor torque the propeller spins less quickly, so there’s no magic/obvious thrust increase. Whether thrust would increase or decrease depends on the motor’s efficiency given a particular rotation rate, and the hydrodynamic effects around all parts of the thruster (which depend on its design, and its speed relative to the water).

You might be interested in our T500 Thruster, which has a larger motor and propeller, and significantly more thrust than the T200 :slight_smile: