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T100 Thruster with different propeller

(gil) #1

Hello All,

Is it possible to use a custom propeller of about ~230 mm diameter propeller to the T100 thruster?





(Rusty) #2


The nozzle on the T100 is only about 75m diameter, so you would not be able to use a larger propeller on that. You could use the M100 motor, which is the same motor but does not include a propeller.

Whether the motor would run well with the larger propeller depends on the design of the propeller and operating environment. Can you describe your application more?


(gil) #3

Hi Rusty


I’m designing a rear section for a torpedo shaped AUV as part of the MSc. Thessis.

A 75 mm diameter nozzle/propeller will be abstracted by the AUV body resulting in impaired performance.

Can you guys have a larger propeller not necessarily with a kurt nozzle that will match with the T100 motor?




(TCIII) #4


If your AUV is fairly large, I would consider the BR T200 thrusters or at least the T200 brushless motor instead of the T100 thrusters which are really sized for smaller, lighter ROVs.



(Rusty) #5


Okay. Keep in mind that many AUVs have propellers that are similar diameter to the AUV body. They taper down in the back towards the propeller to allow clear water flow for the propeller. Please check out the attached image of a Bluefin Sandshark AUV.


(gil) #6

Thanks for the replays!


Can you guys suggest a propeller of about 300 mm which matches the T100/T200 motor?



(Rusty) #7


We’ve never tested a propeller that large. That propeller is huge for use underwater so I think the motor will have a difficult time with that. If you want to try it, then I’d try an APC 10x4.7 airplane propeller or similar.


(gil) #8


Thanks for all the help!