Performance at 10-15 knots?

I have in hand a T100 which I’m thinking of incorporating into a fast (hydrofoil) R/C platform. Target speed is 10-15 knots. What I’m wondering is whether I will still be able to get the full amount of thrust (up to 5 pounds) or whether I’ll have, in effect, outrun some or all of the prop’s ability to push by then. The specs suggest a pretty high top-end rotation, so I am hopeful that this nicely-designed device will do the trick, but I’m hoping for real-world input.


Hi Michael,

The nozzle and propeller design on the T100 will prevent it from going really fast. Regardless of size, the vehicle will be limited to about 3-5 knots maximum. If you want to go fast, I would recommend using the M100 or M200 motor with a small racing propeller with very high pitch angle.

Graupner makes a bunch of small propellers that could work well.

I hope this helps!


Thanks. I suspected that the drag from those things might be a problem. I’d also been looking at the graupner props. The design continues!