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Larger size thruster than T200

I want to use one extra thruster to increase flow of water through a vessel (attached to the top of ROV) when the BlueROV is held stationary underwater. The thruster can be of diameter 200 - 500 mm. The pitch of the blades should be low (like a ducted fan). The thruster needs to be low power low speed. Can anyone please suggest a specific thruster and point out to design of platform that attaches a vessel (200-500m in diameter) to BlueROV ? Thanks in advance !

Hi @hassaniqbal209, welcome to our forum! :slight_smile:

I haven’t worked with larger thrusters like you’re suggesting, but hopefully our community and distributors will be able to chime in here!

I’ve moved your question to our ‘Third Party Products’ category to better focus the discussion :slight_smile: