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Picture of cable exit/routing on Thruster


I’m noodling again on a design for an autonomous surface vehicle. I’m planning to using the Blue Robotics Thruster as the propulsion. I’ve not decided yet between T-100 and T-200. The hull design is more like a catamaran with the thrusters mounted under the pontoon, two thrusters, one on each side.

I’m looking for images or information related to the cable coming out of the thruster. I wasn’t seeing it in the documentation.

Where does the cable exit the thruster?
What is cable diameter?
I though I read that the Blue Robotics mounting bracket has a hole of the cable to pass through, but I didn’t see that in the image I looked at.

(Rusty) #2

Hi @waterwander,

Sounds like a cool project! The cable exits out of the side of the nosecone of the thruster. The diameter is about 6.3mm. The bracket does have a hole for the cable, but it’s only partially drilled. You can use a drill bit to complete the hole.

You can see the cable in the pictures that are on the store page: https://www.bluerobotics.com/store/thrusters/t200-thruster/



Thank you! I was looking at the documentation section and didn’t think to look at the store for the pictures. The side view shows what I am going for.