T500 additional dimension required

I have doubt regarding T500 thruster-

I do not want to install the thruster through 4 mounting locations which comes in default . I want to mount by holes that we get after removing the cap through which thruster cable is coming out(Look at the first pic). For that I need “distance between those two holes” also " Location of thruster wire".

I have ordered the T500 but it will take time, however in the mean time, I want to design the holding position for it and get it fabricated.

These dimensions are not available anywhere on the website. In the STEP file dimensions between holes is given 52mm but Location of thruster wire is not available. Kindly help me this so that before T500 arrives I can finish the design and fabrication.(for reference I have attached a pic).

Hi @Ravi, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

The thruster internals are shown more clearly in our Thruster Usage Guide.

Note that the nose-cone bolt holes are intended for mounting the nose cone to the thruster, and have not been designed or tested as a means of mounting the thruster itself. The two threaded inserts are only shallow, and may not be strong enough to robustly hold the thruster in operation. We would also discourage movement or bending of the cable where it meets the potting, so a custom mounting solution should try to support the wire’s existing position.

Our upcoming M500 (motor only variant of the T500) may be better suited to your application, but that’s still a while off so I understand it’s not exactly a solution if you need to make something in the near term.

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I really appreciate the quick reply, Elliot. I understand why you did not provide all the dimensions. Now, I will try to modify the design so that thruster should be mounted as described to reduce the probability of unexpected failure and bending of wire.

Thanks for providing the Thruster Usage Guide link where I can see all the information is available.

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Hello @EliotBR ,

Thruster Usage guide was really helpful. Gave a lot of visual understanding. But, after discussing with my team we are going to mount the thruster after removing the nose cone for the temporary basis. We are already been using T200 in the same way. Now, I am aware that there is a probability of failure.

I have ordered the T500 but it will take time, however in the mean time, I want to design the holding position for it and get it fabricated.

Could you please provide the location of where wire is originating from along with the wire diameter?

The cable diameter is 9.0mm, as specified in the Technical Details section of the T500 product page.

As you can see in the thruster usage guide, the cable is installed in a potted (epoxy-filled) area, which does not have a rigid positioning that is guaranteed across thrusters. That said, the cable should exit the potting quite close to the arm of the stator base that’s between the two mounting holes and opposite the cut-in that it exits the nose cone through, as is visible in the guide.

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