T500 Mounting Bracket

Good night,

First I want to thank you for the work you do through this forum, solving multiple issues and problems that may arise with your products.

I am doing a design in which I am going to use two motors to create laminar flow in a tank. I will use two engines the T500 and the T200.
I have seen that when ordering for the T200 motors they have a mounting bracket available. However, for the T500 engine I have not been able to see it. Do you have a mounting bracket only for a T500 engine?

Thanks a lot.

Hi @JmontielPHD, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

We do not currently have a mounting bracket for the T500, but I’ve noted your interest in our internal product requests tracking.

In the interim you’ll unfortunately need to source or design and make your own. If you want one that’s similar to our existing mount for the T200 then you might be able to remix our design to fit the T500 and 3D print it (or get it printed from a service). That way you could also share your revised design with others :slight_smile: