T500 rotor style in T200 size? Noise quieting? Random ideas?

Hello! Two questions:

  1. Any chance we can get a T500 style magnet rotor in T200 size (even as an aftermarket part to buy)? There are lots of folks who cant fit a T500 or just dont need the T500 power, but would benefit from the improved design of the T500 rotor to get greater longevity from their thrusters. Any chance? eh? eh? if we say please?

  2. Any suggestions to quiet the thruster? I am using it in a very quiet environment so am striving to limit emitted signature. Obvious measures like not starving the intake side have been taken, I didnt know if there might be some measures that I have not considered to reduce emissions in the audible range during operation. Thank you either way!

Oh lastly, I would also gladly pay a bit more for a thruster where the shroud is held to the motor with M3/threaded inserts. The current screw into plastic method only allows for so many disassemblies before the hardware or plastic fail.

Hi @Reef_Engineer -
When you request the T500 style rotor, are you referring to the metal shield on the inside of the rotor? This would actually reduce efficiency/performance, especially at the smaller diameter of the T200!

Other than running the T200 at less than 100% speed, I’m not aware of any way to reduce the noise.

Have you had a failure due to the screws that thread into the nozzle arms? These are specifically screws intended to thread into plastic, and in my extensive experience I’ve never had the threads strip or the screws fail, even when disassembling hundreds of times! Threaded inserts would increase the weight, cost, and size of the arms which would negatively impact performance. Additionally, should the threads get stuck or cross-threaded, it could pull the insert from the plastic, which would be very difficult to repair…