Change T200 r1 thruster cable

I have a T200 r1 thrusters whose length is much shorter than what i require for a project. What should i do ? Kindly help me with this

Hi @dr_paradox, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Our thruster cables are not designed to be extendable or replaceable, and there can be significant power losses through a cable if it is too long without having additional wire cross-section to compensate.

If you want to buy thrusters with longer cables than we offer on our store then you can try asking at, but I can’t guarantee we’ll be able to provide an option that meets your requirements.

Alternatively you could try replacing the existing cables on your thrusters (which requires removing the potting, desoldering the wires, and soldering on and potting new wires), or splicing on an additional length of cable, but we can’t provide any guarantees about the effectiveness of the water-proofing on a product we haven’t manufactured ourselves.