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Sefety Enhancements

(Internalfx) #1

I am using two t-100s for a toy I made for my kids (and just for the fun of it). I wish there was a way to make the intakes “finger proof” so to speak. I love how you guys provide 3D models so I could make my own nozzle with a grate. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to a 3D printer.

I could see uses for rideable powered surf boards, boats, etc. These thrusters are so versatile!

Would love to eventually see nozzles I could buy that were designed for people in close proximity.

P.S. Very happy with the product!

(Rusty) #2

Hi! That’s a great idea! We’d love to have an injection molded plastic guard available eventually. In the meantime you could 3D print one using a 3D printed service like Sculpteo.com or Shapeways.com. We use lots of 3d printing in our prototypes but we don’t have a 3d printer easier. The services are quick and you have access to lots of materials, colors, printing methods, etc.

Glad you like the thrusters!


(Spally) #3


check out the “Seaweed Deflector” discussion. Would they to the job for you?