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3D printed fin for T200

After 3 years and at least 100 km, I broke acrylic interface between SUP fin and thruster.
pictures can be seen here: T200 on fishing SUP

This is first prototipe, which need improvements. The intermediate plastic between the fin and the thruster is too thin and flexible. I can move thruster closer to fin.


Awesome! love it.

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Hi any plans to sell the fin with mount attachment fir those of us that don’t own a 3d printer.
I would buy several if they were offered for sale.
Thanks frank

Hi Frank.

Can you give me more details?
How many fins would you order?
Preferred color?
Measured fin box angle relative to the water line?

Regards, Alex

Hey Alex

I’d like em in yellow, and I’m generally using 11’ and 12’ stand up paddle boards not all the same angle but obviously I need to pick a generic angle that will work for most long multi purpose boards I’d want 3 or 4 initially depending on what they are gonna cost me. After I test them I will want several more.

I know that they are specifically designed for T200 motors but could you make a 2 piece clamp that would hold a 56 102 motor that weighs about 1kg and would put out a lot of thrust. That would attach to the mounting plate on the fin.

A friend of mine owns a pedal boat, kayak and paddleboard rental business and wants me to put a few kits together to try out as rentals the fin with the T 200 and a 6s battery in a pelican box would be a great way to turn every board into an E sup without breaking the bank. But since I build jet boards I’m interested in trying a high power fin mounted motor and see what I can get speed wise. I have seen a couple of DIY’rs get some impressive results. I want to take a SSS 56102 brushless motor of about 350-500 kv pot everything and put a 70 mm or 80mm prop directly onto the shaft clamp it to the fin and see what a long board with a 200 lb guy riding it will do. I’d be expecting 10 mph minimum but if the prop is efficient and designed to spin at a high rpm I’d actually be shooting fir 15-20 mph with this set up. So with that in mind would the fin mount hold up and if not could you 3D print one out of a stringer materials?

So based on all that let me know a price per unit for 2/3 of the. t200 ones you showed us on the forum and one of the ones I described. All in yellow .

Thanks frank

With 150 microns layer height, 60% infill and 3 layers wall thichness final version demands 38 hours printing. I suggest finding one near you with a 3d printer.

Blockquote but could you make a 2 piece clamp that would hold a 56 102 motor that weighs about 1kg and would put out a lot of thrust

That requires 10+ hours designing. Final version after prototype always demands adjustments. For T200 version my printer was working 80+ hours. This 3D print should resist about 14 lb f thrust. Your idea needs different approach how motor would be attached to the fin. I also doubt in this project, because 56102 is not designed for submersible applications.

Blockquote the fin with the T 200 and a 6s battery

Might be wrong, but I think T200 will not last long with continius > 500W load.