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Skeg or fin to mount foward of T100 (for seaweed deflection)

(Darren Stanley Smith) #1

My current T100 mount (boat hull) allows seaweed to collect in the ‘notch’ between the hull and the front of the thruster. I’d like to mount a surfboard type of fin forward of this to deflect seaweed away from the thruster. Has anyone 3D printed one for this purpose?

I suppose it would be easy enough to buy surfboard fins and mount them to the bottom of the hull but I’m wondering if anyone has done something clever. Similar to this by Seafloor systems.

(undersearobotics.com) #2

You really have a lot of options. If your boat is made from fiberglass, I’d epoxy in a set of FCS fin plugs and use surfboard fins.

(Darren Stanley Smith) #3

Thanks @paul-unterweiser I thought about that. Probably the simplest solution. Likewise it might be a good way to mount the thrusters and eliminate through hull fittings!