Thruster Screens

Seaweed sux.

I’ve not run my T100 thrusters for years. Fitted the FloatCam with them, and tried it out, but camera failures, props damaged by ice, a household move, and a lot of monofilament wrapped round one of my thrusters ended my interest for a while.

FloatCam V2 is now a thing …

So I fitted them with stainless screens. They are kitchen sink 4" drain screens, zip-tied together. Not pretty, but it works … mostly.

However, they are not perfect, and the fine green silky seaweed can get sucked through.

Has anyone made something that fits better, does not impinge too much on flow, and can be removed easily for cleaning?

If not, why not? Does no one else have seaweed or ice issues?

Hi @mizamook, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

You might want to try some of the 3D printed options discussed here (there are various 3D printing services online / at libraries and makerspaces if you don’t have your own), or perhaps using stainless steel mesh or similar :slight_smile:

On this specifically, if thruster efficiency is important you’ll likely want to do some testing to determine which approach has the least impact on flow characteristics. I would imagine fine wire mesh could have the lowest flow resistance, but it’s difficult to say for sure.

Thanks Eliot,

I took a look at that link and those screens. They would not work. I’m using a fine stainless mesh, and the small gap around the cable was big enough to admit this stringy green gloppy seaweed …

I think the seaweed would not have gotten in were my side seams better. However, the suggestions on the thread you linked to also mentioned reversing burst to clear accumulated obstruction … this would not work either, in this case. This seaweed is very wispy and floats like silk … wrapping itself around everything.

Normally I would not be operating where seaweed is present. In fact, I couldn’t even see this stuff floating. It was accumulated in the harbour where I tested because of the particular tide/wind combination.

I’m losing efficiency for sure, but clogged thrusters are far worse. Thinking a 3d printed rim with hydrodynamic clips … and intact sink drain screens with no sharp edges, as mine have. The zip ties through holes is just so … kludge-y.

Thruster screens
Seaweed stuck close