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T100 failure at wire terminations

(Ben King) #1

Hi Guys

Sorry for more issues, just back from sea trials and had one of eight thrusters fail due to water ingress under the white potting of the coil terminations. See photo. Salt water has entered and caused corrosion of the copper wiring rendering the thruster useless. Is this something that has also been improved on more recent builds?


(Rusty) #2


Yes, this is improved on the T100s and dramatically improved on the T200s, which have a different potting method in the front section. In your case, did the wires break from corrosion? What’s the current behavior of the thruster?


(Ben King) #3

Hi Rusty

That’s great to hear. The result was that the prop either doesn’t move at all or only slightly moves when powered but doesn’t turn. Is there anywhere where I can see photos of how the new thrusters are done?