A Canoe Thruster

I would like a simple thruster for my canoe. I want to make a bracket similar to a clamp on outboard motor bracket for my double end canoe. Then run a shaft down to a T100 or T200.

I am just looking for paddling help, no directional control, only forward thrust, and an offsetting force caused by the side mounting of the thruster to counteract the paddle thrust and keep the canoe tracking straight.

Does anyone have a suggested design for a vertical shaft to attach the T100/200 to that will minimize the resistance of water flowing around it? I was thinking of a symmetrical wing design, but the algebra to calculate the dimensions is more than I can do.

Hi @Chessyman,

Sounds like a good application for a T200 or a pair on either side. What material is your canoe made of? Wood, metal, fiberglass?

I ask because there are mounts that are normally for fishing transducers that might fit your bill without over engineering anything and being available off-the-shelf.

This is a M200 motor build as a ROV grinder, but could easy be used as a thrustor for your canoe. The wiring is integrated in the pipe so it Will stay protected.

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Thank you Svein for your reply. What you show in the picture would work great for what I want. Is the that something I can order for a T100 or 200?

I followed up on your suggestion on using transducer mounts, but none that I found seemed sturdy enough. I did see some that were made with PVC. Which gave me an idea, I might be able to make a holder similar to the one you have pictured out of PVC modifying this PVC fitting. 4" x 4" x 3/4" Sch 40 PVC Reducing Tee Soc 401-416

The OD of the motor is 3.8, I think I can make it work. What do you think?

Thanks for the help.

Patrick Daly

Kevin thank you for your suggestion. I looked at the Scotty transducer mount and it looks like a great replacement for the one I cobbled together and am using. I will try it first for my transducer and see if I think it will hold up to a motor.

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Oh and my canoe is aluminum for this project. I also have a square stern fiberglass.

Hi @Chessyman
I made it out of a piece of 12mm stainless piping and made a bracket to the m200 in a lathemachine and welded them together.
It is a easy fix if you have the tools.

I am going to give the PVC a shot and then move on to machining up a bracket. Coincidentally I am a retired machinist and do have an engine lathe. This will be a project for next spring. I will post what is successful.

Thanks again

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