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Potential Kayak Steering Build Using T200 Thruster

I wanted to get some feedback on the potential use of a T200 thruster to steer my Nucanoe Flint when drift-fishing down small rivers. When floating down a river while fishing, the canoe drifts just slightly slower than the current. The result is that unless you constantly correct your orientation with a paddle, you will inevitably be facing upstream. So I find myself constantly setting my fishing rod down to paddle, or attempting to paddle with one hand which is tough to do well. While I’m doing that though, I’m not fishing.

So here’s where I need help from the community. I had an idea of a foot-controlled T200 thruster that I could mount on the rear of my kayak. I’ve marked the water level on my kayak (link here) so that I could see if I had enough room to protect the T200 with my boat from rocks by not mounting it below the hull while still allowing it to be fully submerged. Second is a link to a sketch of my idea. (link here). The first obvious question is whether or not one thruster can be controlled using the thruster commander in the way i’ve imagined it. It would need to be able to send the right information to the ESC to reverse the current. Second, I would need to purchase the right linear spring-loaded potentiometer so that it could be controlled easily by foot. The ones that come with the kit rotate to control speed, and that’s not usable.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

Hi @yakangler

The thruster commander wouldn’t work to control a single thruster in the way you want. You can take a look at the different modes of operation here.

For a control system with 2 pedals like you want something like an arduino would probably work better.