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Radio Control Kit for using two T200's on a boat?


We have a need for a radio control catamaran about a metre long to take a bathymetric transducer around for some river bottom mapping that we need done - we can make the boat ourselves easily but but we need a plug and play radio control kit and controller that we can connect a pair of T200 thrusters to - we are very time poor at the moment so we need something that we can quickly just install and get running. Does anyone have any suggestions? Needs to be able to control each motor independantly for manouvering in tight spaces.

(Jacob) #2

Something like this should work with the thruster commander to do what you want.

I was mistaken. The thruster commander only supports analog input, which the suggested radio receiver does not provide.

(Adam) #3

Hi @TinyDiver,

You can use the radio Jacob suggested with a tank mixer like this or similar. Alternatitively, if you get a more advanced radio like this or similar that has programmable channel mixing, or you can use the sticks to independently control each thruster.


(David Boulanger) #4

Get a Pixhawk and load Ardurover 3.5 on it and off you go. See video below.