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T200 thruster Wireless RC


I have a T200 thruster and the blue robotics ESC. I also have a Pololu servo controller - I was wondering if it would be possible to wireless-ly control the thruster and what remote control I should buy to facilitate this?

Hi @rzaveri Yes, you can certainly control the Basic ESC and T200 with a radio control system. Almost every radio control receiver on the market outputs PWM so you can plug the Basic ESC into the respective control output. here is a basic guide for understanding radio control equipment: https://www.rc-airplane-world.com/radio-control-gear.html

I’m using the Blue Robotics ESC - is this compatible with any off the shelf RC receiver? I was thinking something like this Do you know if I need different battery power for the receiver and the thrusters?

Yes, that will work just fine. The Basic ESC does not have a BEC (5V auxiliary output for powering receivers and other control electronics) so you will need a seperate 5V power source. A receiver pack or 5V regulator/BEC like ours will do the trick.