Unable to run T200 thrusters with a normal ESC

I am using T200 thrusters but unfortunately, one of the ESCs that came with the thrusters has stopped working. So we are trying to run a thruster with this ESC 30A BLDC ESC - Brushless Motor Speed Controller buy online at Low Price in India - ElectronicsComp.com

With this ESC thruster is running if we give signals to ESC from a receiver of a transmitter, but it is not working if give a signal from Arduino.

Please suggest what we can do. Or how we can repair the ESC of blue robotics.

Hi @asmeiitr, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

A few questions:

  1. Is it our Basic ESC, or a different older one?
  2. Do you know when it was bought?
  3. What does “stopped working” mean? Is it still beeping when it turns on, or just doing nothing?

If it’s still beeping when it turns on then most of it is likely working fine, but it’s possible your Arduino control pin is fried, or perhaps some part of the ESC’s signal receiving hardware is fried (which would be quite difficult to repair unless there’s an obviously damaged capacitor or something on the board).

That page doesn’t seem to provide much detail on the ESC, although

  • it’s rated to work with 2S-3S batteries, whereas the battery options we sell are all 4S, so if you’re using one of our batteries it may be operating outside its rating
  • given it’s intended for quad-copters and multicopters it likely isn’t bidirectional, so you may need to flash a different firmware onto it (although it’s not clear what firmware that would be, given the lack of information)
  • it doesn’t specify the control protocols it’s compatible with - assuming it can use PWM, your Arduino code might not be working because it starts with a 1500us ‘stopped’ signal to initialise and arm our ESCs, whereas if this ESC is single-directional then it may use an 1100us or 1000us ‘stopped’ signal instead