Basic ESC problem

We bought two sets of T200 Thruster and Basic ESC. One of the ESCs worked normally, but another ESC didn’t work well. Specifically, the thruster stopped sending a signal that the pulse was 1100 microseconds to ESC. And it rotated at “Max forward” sending a signal that the pulse was 1500 microseconds. So we think ESC has problems. Could you tell us the way to repair ESC?

Hi mizuki,

It sounds like the ESC you recieved was somehow not properly flashed or had its firmware corrupted- sorry about that! You should be able to fix this yourself by re-flashing the ESC firmware with an Arduino. This easy to do, and can be taken care of quickly once you have the flashing tools set up. You can find instructions for doing so here and the correct firmware file here (right click and save link as).

We can also send you a replacement ESC if you would prefer that. You can email me at for more detailed flashing instructions or the best shipping address for a replacement.