Motorized Stand Up Paddle : your advises

My project : motorized Stand Up Paddle with 2 x T200

it’s like your video (about thruster commander) but with a remote control glued on my paddle (no cable between battery pack and knob)
I don’t need reverse move
I want to steer my speed with a remote transmitter (linked to my paddle) and manage 2 x T200 together : do I need a “thruster commander” ? or A remote receiver can manage 2 Esc ?
Is T200 with Blue ESC integrated still exist ?

thank you for your advises

The role of the thruster commander is to mix the ‘throttle’ and ‘steering’ commands into the correct outputs. There is a program/algorithm involved in doing this. The same effect could be achieved with a programmable transmitter or another computer in place of the thruster commander. The thruster commander is supplied as an out of the box solution for this application, however it does not have the wireless capability that you want. You could connect an RC receiver to the thruster command inputs to add the wireless capability.

It can, but you will need a programmable transmitter or computer connected to the receiver to do the mixing for skid steering.

This product has been retired, it is no longer produced.