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PLZ Advice ! We will make RC&Self-driving Boat, so I buy T200 Thruster and ESC. Then,,

Hi! I need some advice…

Me and my team are making RC&Self Driving Boat.

So, I already bought T200 Thruster and ESC.

Do I need to buy 5V/6A power supply and Thruster commander?

If I need to buy them, why ??

Hi @Haemir2021,

No, you will not a need a thruster commander for your application. The thruster commander is intended as an easy solution for a human to directly operate a thruster/ESC if you do not have a separate control system.

The 5V/6A power supply is simply a voltage regulator to supply any control/auxiliary electronics that require a 5 V input. If you already have a separate means of powering your control electronics, you will not need it.


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