Thruster commander can control T200 and 2 speeds

Hello guys
I ready completed my project but i have a little problem,i got a T200 and i need control it with a two speeds “cruise and top speed.”
I read about a thruster commander but before buy it i want be sure that resolve this problem.
I control my T200 with Arduino or servo tester and activated with a switch between ESC and T200, the problem is with a cruise speed, i control the cruise speed with a 10K potentiometer and the T200 stuttering before touch the deadman switch to start the motor, it s normal?
the thruster commander can control the T200 with ESC , two speed2 and two deadman switch?

Hi @bear78

Turning the thruster on and off with a switch between the ESC and thruster will cause stuttering if you are not disconnecting all three of the phases and the ESC is receiving a non-neutral signal. With only one or two of the phases connected, the ESC may still attempt to run the thruster, but will only produce stuttering or jiggling motion.

Having a switch between the ESC and thruster is a very odd configuration that is never really implemented and is not recommended. The ESC needs a solid connection to the thruster at all times to detect and commutate it properly, a sporadic connection will cause unintended behavior or even damage. To properly control the thruster, you should be varying PWM signal input to the ESC, not making and breaking electrical power connections. The dead man switch on the Thruster Commander simply forces the PWM control signal to neutral (1500µs) when disconnected, you can implement the same behavior with an Arduino with a few lines of code.


Hi Patrick
i have a T200 connected with Arduino or in second case with a servo control, the problem is i want two speed max and med. controlled with a two switches, the truster shake before start or spin slowly without close the circuit! after works good but i think that something are wrong ? i read about a trust controller , the trust controller can do this function ? dual speed controlled with switch?
thanks antonio