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T100 with switch controls

I am making a tethered ROV. I have a T100 and an ESC. Is there a way to make the T100 work without a remote? I just want to hook it up to a switch (forward/off/reverse, so I do not need the speed control).


Did you check already the Thruster Commander ?

I just want simple forward/stop/reverse functions. I already have a switch and switch box and would prefer if I didn’t have to buy anything more. I just need a way to hook up the thruster to a switch. Is this possible?

Not without a microcontroller. The thruster commander (with a microcontroller onboard) will be your path of least resistance to your desired operation.

Is that the only way? What I want to do is very simple. Is there a cheaper alternative to the thruster commander? Would a servo tester work?

A servo tester will work, but I don’t know if there are any that have on/off inputs or a switch.

You could solder the switches with some resistors to make the trick in a servo tester.

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