Connecting an on/off switch to the T200

I’m in a group project and our task is to create an underwater propulsion device for scuba diving. Our electronics and motors are all from blue robotics. This includes the T200 thruster, Thruster Commander, basic esc, and the big white battery (14.8V, 15.6Ah). We want to use an ON/OFF switch on the propulsion device. Using the electronics configuration, what Amp and Volt switch is usable? The switch would connect to the thruster commander.

Hi @Jj108008, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

The “switch” pins on the Thruster Commander enable/disable the commander itself, so the current capacity is minimal.

Given you want to use the system underwater, presumably the switch should be external to the enclosure, in which case you might want to use our penetrator Switch, although that would require something like a pair of female-female jumper wires to make the connection. Our switch can handle significantly more power and depth than you’ll need though, so it should be fine to use lower-specced alternatives as long as they’re rated to use in your required depth of water :slight_smile: