Diver propulsion


I wonder how much thrust power does the T200 produce?
e.g will two T200 be able to push a diver at ok speed?

See my pic.


The T200 produces about 11 lb (5 kgf) of force. I’m not sure how fast that will propel a diver. Divers have quite a bit of drag because there is the tank, BCD, air lines, etc. in the water flow.

I’d guess that you would get 1-2 mph with two thrusters.

I’d love to see you try it out!



Yes, I then need to find a easy way to create a way to trigger on/off the thrusters. I would prefer a step-less(PWM) or potensiometer control over the motors.
It would be best to use the T200 blue-esc and have just one 3" enclosure for electronics. Would it be space enough for electronics AND batteries?

Here is a link to my DIY-dream :wink:


The 3" enclosure is big enough for some fairly large batteries (like this one) and small electronics such as an Arduino Micro. You can use cable penetrators to connect the thrusters to the tube and one more for the switch you use. It’s tough to find waterproof, pressure-proof switches or pots.

There’s one potentiometer on Digikey that is rated to about 30m but I’m not sure that’s deep enough?



Tom - you can do a simple ON/OFF switch using a magnetic interface. Doing variable resistance is going to be a tougher nut to crack. I have seen a lot of underwater light makers use a magnetic slide switch with multiple positions for doing lamp intensity … you can do the same thing but it would be for canned speed.


Thanks for reply’s :slight_smile:

I was also thinking on the magnetic trigger. I guess I will want to have full speed when I need propulsion assistance and swim as usually otherwise.

I have made these mag-triggers for earlier DIY-divelights.
My concern for this “in my head”-project stage is …will it give enough speed for the money and effort of building it?..hmmm…thinking.
Up here in the north of Norway we always dive with dry suits which will give even more drag in the water.