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2 Piece portable kayak with dual T200 thrusters

Hello All,

My first post after reading plenty (thank you to all past posters and builders) and building a dual T200 kayak thruster outrigger setup last Christmas. Taking it out for the first test today (Yes, things have been busy) and looking forward to reporting back to anyone interested. My main goal was portability and light weight as I usually put the kayak in the back of a mini van. The entire setup can be plugged on and off courtesy of a pair of fishing rod holder connections.
The battery is a 16,000mah 6s lipo so I will need to watch it as i’m using a thruster commander for control.
More pics to follow as new posters can only only put one pic on.

@russell - Nice work! That looks good. I like the quick set up ability. I’m excited to hear how the testing goes.

It definitely a good idea to keep an eye on the battery. You could use a cell monitor or a battery alarm to make that easy.


Thanks Rusty. A couple of pics showing how it mounts to the kayak. I’ve just been for a test run and can report:

  1. It operates exactly as intended as far as throttle etc and can perform 360degree spins within its own lenght.

  2. Anything more that 20% throttle causes the flimsy motor mount tubes to rotate forwards and upwards bringing the thrusters to about 2" from the surface and causing cavitation.

  3. A motor mount redesign is in order!

20191007_103529|243x500 20191007_103533

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Nice! Sounds pretty good for a first test. I’d be very interested to hear how fast it goes once you’ve got it running consistently. We get asked about the speed that T200s can propel a kayak very frequently and it’s good to have some real data.