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T200 for boat stern thruster?

I am looking for a reasonable option to help improve manuverability for my 21ft, 4200lb boat, particularly for reversing. It is an inboard boat so in reverse the rudder is in front of the direction of thrust so there is almost zero directional control.

My question is whether 2-T200,s would be powerful enough operated at 12V to be able to affect a bit of sideways steering control if mounted on the transom. I would do some prototyping before directly mounting to the boat, but if somebody tells me there is no chance than I will waste no further time and effort. If it works, there could be a HUGE market out there for these. The next option would be a purpose built unit for $1600 unit which would require a very large hole drilled through the back of the boat and nobody wants to do that.

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There is a huge market, they’re called trolling motors and a used one is $200 on Craigslist. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol, I have been playing with that idea of customizing one to make that work, but it might be too bulky to fit.