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Bad situation, new build

Hi everybody,

last month we had a very bad situation entering water in the main electronic enclosure from gripper penetrator (I will open a new thread about that in the next days). We had a lot damage and we are trying to rebuild the system now. We had to buy a new Pixhawk and although we have updated the Pixhawk firmware and do all the calibrations (accelerometer and compass), joystick seems to be dead. When we start GGC we have live video from camera, compass and technical horizon but we can activate only ARM, DISARM, GAIN INC, GAIN DEC, MANUAL MODE, STABILIZE MODE and DEPTH HOLD but we get nothing in CAMERA TILT and MOTOR TEST…When we are running QGC setup page and joystick we can see all functions to be activated but when we try the real world functions like camera tilt or motor test we get nothing on BR2. We have checked the main power supply, we have checked UBEC, we have checked PowerModule and they are have good volts.

May somebody to suggest what to try check and repair? Any idea?


You need to configure the pixhawk parameters to tell the autopilot where the camera and lights are plugged in. This is normally done in our factory.

To do it yourself, go to Vehicle Setup (click the gears icon) -> Frame -> Load Vehicle Default Parameters. Load your vehicle default parameters, then reboot the vehicle and it should be working again.

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ok, your advice have done the job! We will keep checking the other subsystems (lights, bar30, motors, etc)…

Thank you very much!

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