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Problems with Pixhawk

Hi Guys,
I have an Adwanced ROV Electronics package. I have now installed it and successfully tested it several times. Suddenly yesterday I could no longer establish a connection between ROV and ArduSub. I managed totrace the problem back to the Pixhawk. If I unplug the USB cable between Raspery and Pixhawk, I get a video signal. Unfortunately I cannot connect the pixhawk directly via USB to the laptop. It says owerpower on usb port. If I operate it with an external power supply via the SBus pin, the LEDs light up properly, but no USB connection can be established.
Can you help me?


Watching this thread as we also have issue with Pixhawk. We powered on the Bluerov2 and only heard the beep sound once (there should be 2 beep sequences, first one for Raspberry pi boot and the second for Pixhawk boot). We have vision on QGroundControl but can’t connect to vehicle.