Basic ESC with Pixhawk

Hi, we are having trouble using the new ESCs you guys have. I bought 6 of the new basic ESCs to replace the old ones we had, but none of the motors are spinning. I have connected all of the motors to the ESCs, connected the signal wires to the pixhawk, loaded the pixhawk with ardusub firmware stable version 3.5.2, have calibrated the sensors and Logitech F310 joystick. I am able to arm/disarm the controller using the joystick start and select buttons, but the motors will not move when I move the joysticks. I am using QGroundControl and can see both RC_CHANNELS_RAW and SERVO_OUTPUT_RAW are recording PWM value changes when I move the joysticks. I have also tested the ESCs with a PWM output tool and have managed to get the motors to spin so the ESCs do not appear to be defective. It appears that they are waiting for a constant 1500us pulse before they can be enabled, but it is not receiving it from the pixhawk. Any help you could offer would be great, thanks!

How have you got the ESCs plugged into the pixhawk? Are you sure they are the right way around?
It sounds like it should be working.

I had my wires plugged in upside down =P
Thanks Jacob!