Pixhawk 2 Cube engines problem

Hi to all!
I have Pixhawk 2 Cube and Here+. I planing connect Pixhawk dirrectly to QGS via telemetry. Installed QGS 3.3.2 and the last firmware ArduSub on 10.05.2018, passed all the checks, I use Joystick Logitech F310.
All the indicators are green, joystick is calibrated. When I connect the power from the battery I hear the sound from the engines - a frequent beep sound.
After that, the engines do not start. I was trying to change the versions of the firmware and the version of the QGS - no effect. Checked the work of engines (Propdrive 28-30 750KV) and ESC (Turnigy AE-20A) - they work.
But maybe I’m missing something from the view. Please, help!

ArduSub will only work with reversible (bidirectional) ESCs. This is your problem. Also, you should be using the Blue Robotics version of QGC, and the stable version of ArduSub. Please refer to the documentation on ardusub.com for more details.

Thanks, that’s what I need.
The next question:

  1. I looked through the available reversible ESC and found that they are more expensive than non-reversible ones. I realized that I can reflash the nonreversible ESC. Do I need to use the firmware from this page? Basic ESC Documentation (Old)
  2. Can all ECS be flashed and how to determine which ones can be reflashed?
  1. That firmware will only work with the ‘Afro 30A’ brand/model ESC
  2. No not all can be flashed, and there is a lot of things to check, you will have to research online to find the right firmware file to flash to your esc. Flashing the wrong file risks frying the hardware.