Motors are not responding to the controller joystick

I am using a Logitech F710 controller and the thrusters are not responding even if it is armed. The joystick is enabled and calibrated but the thrusters are still not working.

The QGroundControl (v4.3.0) is having these errors below and MYCGS: 255 heartbeat lost errors. Also, the video from my Rapoo C260 webcam is not showing on the application.

The image below is the connection configuration I followed from ArduSub.

Please help me with this. Thank you!

Hi @jesselat,

Could you please clarify what kind of ESCs you’re using, and the autopilot firmware that you’re running?

Note that ArduSub expects to be communicating with bi-directional ESCs with servo-style control, where 1500µs pulse-durations represent a neutral/stopped signal, 1100µs are full negative thrust, and 1900µs are full positive thrust. That should work fine with our BasicESC, but if you’re using some other ESC (e.g. those typically used for drones and/or planes) then it may not be configured as bi-directional, in which case ArduSub’s neutral signal will register as a half-throttle signal to the ESC, which generally means the ESC will refuse to arm, and accordingly cannot be used to control the motors.

If you’re trying to run the automated motor test then that’s expected to be done with a vehicle in water (so it can detect the movements based on the thrust from the active motor’s propeller), so trying that on a bench will fail.

How are you powering things? If the flight controller board (Pixhawk) or the onboard computer (Raspberry Pi) has insufficient power then one or both could be restarting (especially if they’re sharing power with each other or the motors), during which time there will be no heartbeat.

Alternatively there could be electrical noise causing interference that means some of the messages aren’t getting through, but that’s unlikely with a wired ethernet connection.

There’s a thread about this here.