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Joystick Not Responding

Joystick is not operating our T-200 thrusters. The thrusters are initialized and can be controlled on the motor test, we are currently using ArduSub 3.6 version and a logitech F310 controller. For some reason the left analog stick is mapped on the dpad and vice versa.

How can we remap our controller and have it communicate with our thrusters??

Try this:
Go to the joystick menu.
Ensure your Logitech is selected
Run a calibration.
After calibration ensure the value move as they should.

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Also make sure that the joystick icon at the top of the screen is white. If it is red, you need to go to the joystick page to calibrate AND click the ‘enable’ checkbox.

Hey @jwalser and @etienne , Jazmyn and I are working on this project together, and I can confirm that the joystick is enabled, and we have gone through the calibration process. while we have resolved the left analog stick issue, we are still failing to get the thrusters to respond to any input from the controller. we are able to arm and disarm from it, but when armed they do either one of two things, either they spin at a constant speed, or they don’t move at all. We have been trying to troubleshoot it but have had no luck yet. Any additional tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated as we believe that might also resolve the issue.

-Zane Deck

edit: We are working off of the 3.6 build of ardusub as we cannot locate a version of the 3.5 stable release compatible with out pixhawk4 unit. We wanted to use the 3.5 build in the first place but were unable to locate a compatible version. All of the builds under the PX4 subsection came up with an error along the lines of “invalid board number” so any help there would also be greatly appreciated.

I’ll let Jacob confirm this but I think your culprit is the pixhawk. You need to get the version from Bluerobotics website for it to work.

Is the red light in the center of the joystick on? We use these Joysticks in our FTC robotics competition as well, and essentially, when you hit the key that is the equivalent of the “select” key on a PS controller , the red light comes on and it swaps the left analog stick and the D-PAD, much like you are describing. If the light is on, just hit that key.

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Its intended purpose is like a Psuedo-precision mode type thing.

How is it going @Zane?

@jwalser It is going great now, by switching down to a pixhawk 1 model, it was incredibly easy to set up and get going. thank you all for all your help in resolving our issues. If you at all are curious about our project going forward you can see it on the Clear Blue Sea website (we are the USD intern team). Thanks again and have a nice day =)

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