Joystick Support requires MAVLINK_CONTROL support. Problem

Hi all,
I am getting the above error when I try and calibrate the joystick. (Im using and Xbox 360 wireless controller with a 3rd party wireless receiver)

As soon as I arm the thrusters they all start spinning quite quickly and I have to shut them down. Not sure if any of the inputs from the controller are making a difference.

The deadband for all the inputs seems to drift quite allot with the xbox controller. Is there a way to set this?


Any help for a newby builder would be great.


Are you using the Xbox 360 wireless controller with Windows or a Mac?

If you are using a Mac, you apparently need a special driver for the wireless Xbox 360.

I would suspect the 3rd Party receiver for a start.

I assume that you successfully calibrated the joystick?

Do you have access to an Xbox 360 wired controller to see if that will work properly?



Oliver, please make sure you are using the daily build of QGroundControl.


@Oliver - Like, Jacob mentioned, make sure you are using the most recent “daily build” version of the QGroundControl. We’ve made a lot of updates to QGroundControl for ArduSub but they are not in the stable release yet. There should be a new stable release (v3.1) in a few weeks that has all of the ArduSub features.

If the other issues persist after updating, please let us know.