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Joystick Support requires MAVLINK_CONTROL support. Problem

(Oliver) #1

Hi all,
I am getting the above error when I try and calibrate the joystick. (Im using and Xbox 360 wireless controller with a 3rd party wireless receiver)

As soon as I arm the thrusters they all start spinning quite quickly and I have to shut them down. Not sure if any of the inputs from the controller are making a difference.

The deadband for all the inputs seems to drift quite allot with the xbox controller. Is there a way to set this?


Any help for a newby builder would be great.

(TCIII) #2


Are you using the Xbox 360 wireless controller with Windows or a Mac?

If you are using a Mac, you apparently need a special driver for the wireless Xbox 360.

I would suspect the 3rd Party receiver for a start.

I assume that you successfully calibrated the joystick?

Do you have access to an Xbox 360 wired controller to see if that will work properly?



(Jacob) #3

Oliver, please make sure you are using the daily build of QGroundControl.


(Rusty) #4

@Oliver - Like, Jacob mentioned, make sure you are using the most recent “daily build” version of the QGroundControl. We’ve made a lot of updates to QGroundControl for ArduSub but they are not in the stable release yet. There should be a new stable release (v3.1) in a few weeks that has all of the ArduSub features.

If the other issues persist after updating, please let us know.