Set up of our BlueROV2

We are a UAV shop trying to help out our brothers in Fire Rescue. They have a new BlueROV2 and are having difficulty getting it to work. We have sensors working and reporting to QGroundConnect with changes in direction and attitude from the rov reporting properly. Xbox controller is connected to surface pc and communicating. We can arm in the software and get video but we can’t get thrusters to respond by either the controller or by the motors tab in the setup.

We can ping also.

Please help us help our public safety folks.

Thank you!

Hi @MikeC, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Ok, it sounds like the vehicle is connecting and functioning at least mostly correctly, so most likely this is a parameters issue.

Can you try clicking “reset all to defaults” in QGroundControl’s Parameters page (in Vehicle Setup), and confirming whether the motors start working? Be aware that you may need to re-configure the lights, camera mount, battery monitor and so forth afterwards.

If that doesn’t help there may be a hardware issue with the power supply or the driver for the PWM control signals that get sent to the ESCs for controlling the thrusters. I’d recommend contacting to discuss what might be going wrong and sorting out a potential replacement as relevant.