BR2 Heavy not properly working

Hello Guys,

Ive been having troubles with my BR2 when changing to Heavy configuration, I´ve double checked all the wiring and connections already and everything looks fine.

The problem appears when I try to move the BR2 forward it slighly turns to the left what i mean is its not going straight forward. all other movements are working properly (lateral, turns, verticals and pitch) any ideas what might be the problem?

all thrusters running properly. I have the old basic ESC for 6 thruster and the new ESC for 2 thrusters IDK if that might cause any trouble but before changing to heacy configuration everything was fine.


I had a problem similar to yours, using an Xbox 360 UBS controller. The nulls where so sloppy, thrusters did not stop when sticks went to neutral. I have since junked the controller, swapped for an Xbox one. It’s better.

Have a look under the joystick panel and see if a forward command is not sending a slight yaw left command at the same time.

There’s no doubting that a proper topside controller is worth the money, compared to using cheap game pads.

@luisgamez What flight mode are you in? If you’re in “manual” the ROV will probably slightly one way or another. Try “stabilize” and see if that fixes your rotational issue.


Hi Kevin,

That is the thing while the ROV is on manual it is slightly turning to the left which is affecting the navigation while underwater but with the stabilize mode it is fixed :smiley: I thought i might have a problem on one thruster.

hey @Dale_A

My team and I are working on a topside controller we just need to figure out how to pull out data from the Qgroundcontrol and make our GUI hence we can split navigation parameters and functions on the controller external screen, We are looking for something like this. That might be our best approach of what we want :smiley:


Looks pretty good. I’m pretty much decided to do the same, but without the nav screen. Do post back on progress.