BlueROV2 heavy configuration problem with thrusters

Hello Guys,

I´ve updated to the newest QGC version and now im experimenting one problem with my BR2 heavy config.
I tested the thrusters independently with the new tool and I found out that the thrusters 6 and 7 when I arm it and use forward direction are blowing air to the top not to the bottom of the ROV.

Even if I switch to reverse option those thrusters keep blowing air to the top instead of the bottom while pressing the button to forward. Any reccomendation of what to do? or why is this happenning?


Does changing the corresponding MOTn_DIRECTION parameter work?

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hey @jwalser,

no it doesnt work at all.

What is your firmware version on the Summary page?

its 3.5.3

Will you please save a list of parameters and send them to me?

how can i do that jacob?

Here you go!

Parameters BR2.params (20.1 KB)


This is a bug. The reversal parameters have no effect on the test sliders. They will still do their job in normal operation of the vehicle, though.

This unfortunately defeats the purpose of the test page.

Thank you @luisgamez, for bringing this to our attention. I will issue a fix this weekend.


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Hey @jwalser

Nice to know!! I will try the ROV on the pool and tell you the results just to know if everything is fine. On the other hand how could I try the BR2 doing some acrobatic like the video you guys posted? I cannot achieve those movements

Hi @luisgamez, I responded to you here: BR2 going Acrobatic - #2 by jwalser