"recommend controller"

I see they recommend xbox 360 controller. But when i use it (usb version) center is -far- from center. Just if i blow on the stick it moves beyond center point? Is there something i am missing or should i buy a logitech one instead? :smiley:

@Thorleif - This is true but I personally prefer having very fine control instead of a large deadband like the Logitech 310. However, we’re working on added a deadband feature into QGroundControl so that you can get rid of this behavior and have them nicely centered.


That would be awesome, currently it starts all thrusters as soon as i arm it unless i … “blow” a bit on the stick to make it center, but as soon as i move the controller it reacts again so deadband is much needed. Might have to find a “man in the middle” way of doing it until you get it implemented! :slight_smile:


I am using a Logitech F310 and if I arm the ROV when in the manual mode, the Thrusters do not start or move.