XBOX 360 vs Logitec F310?

Hi everyone,

We are looking forward to receiving our Blue ROV2, and starting to prepare the assembly. Between these two controllers, which one do you recommend ? Is there a big difference between ? Same compatibility level, same features ? Is there a smoother one ?

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The controllers are functionally very similar. The X-Box controller is definitely smoother. When testing, we have been using the X-Box controller as the primary controller and bringing the Logitec as a back up.



Hi Michael,

I personally prefer the Xbox controller because it has better sensitivity in the middle of the sticks. With the Logitech, you have to move the sticks quite a bit before they break out of their deadband. With the Xbox controller, there isn’t really any deadband, which works well for the ROV.

Both are full compatible with QGroundControl and ArduSub.

I hope that helps.


Hi to both of you, thanks for your feedbacks, I’ll go for the XBOX one !

@rjehangir hi Rusty i want to play rov on laptop and my android pad both, i have checked xbox 360 joystick, they have usb wired joystick and wireless joystick, can i buy a wireless xbox 360 joystick and play on my laptop and anroid pad both, any suggestions will be appreciated!


@sunnyroover - We’ve used the wired and wireless Xbox joysticks with good results but we haven’t tested on Android. Sorry I can’t offer more info!

hi rusty, you have tested wireless xbox joysticks with good results on laptop only? even ipad can not play with wireless joysticks too? i do not know my understanding is right or not ? thanks rusty!


Joystick support on mobile devices is still a work in progress, and is not yet supported. We recommend using a laptop.


ok, get it! thanks, i have ordered xbox one on amazon.