Logitech F310 on Mac?

Hi there,

I probably should have read the forum before buying my gamepad. Now I have a F310, which I want to use on a MacBook Pro laptop. Unfortunately, they do not work together on the “X”-setting, which is recommended in the BlueROV2 Software Setup page. I use the “D”-setting instead and gamepad, Mac and ROV do communicate with a few issues (I will ask about those in a later post, if I cannot solve them myself).

The question is whether it is likely that I have a problem with the F310 in direct mode, and should I get a Xbox controller instead? Do other folks use the F310 on Macs successfully?

Greeting from Northern Germany,

It should be ok to use in D mode if QGC sees the controller. You might need to remap the buttons in order for our default button mappings to work correctly.

Thanks, Jacob,
this is good to know!