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Issue with Joystick Setup page on QGroundControl

I have the latest version of QGroundControl ( v4.0.5 ) installed on my Mac, Companion ( v0.0.26 ) installed on the Companion Computer (Raspberry Pi), and Ardusub ( v4.0.3 ) installed on my Pixhawk.
I’m sure because I checked

However, when I connect my Logitech F310 Gamepad to my laptop, with the BlueROV2 powered up, the Joystick Setup page on QGroundControl doesn’t become active. I checked my USB ports and all of them are working. I doubt the hardware inside my Logitech F310 Gamepad is the issue. The Joystick Setup page appeared when I plugged in a Sony PlayStation 4 controller. Any thoughts on what the problem could be?

Are you using windows? Can you check in the windows gamepad tool? These instructions should get you there.

My mistake! I should have said that I’m utilizing a MacOSX.

Hi Cameron,

The F310 specifications page doesn’t actually mention using it with a Mac, so I believe it’s not compatible. There’s a website for Logitech driver support and their F310 page has no Mac driver version or download link. The F310 product page has system requirements down the bottom which also don’t mention Mac compatibility.

It might be worth running QGC on Windows (or possibly linux, not sure on F310 compatibility there either) via Bootcamp or Parallels?

EDIT: According to the QGroundControl Joystick docs it should be possible to use an F310 on a Mac, or at least it was possible to do so on MacOS Sierra.


Your switch is in the correct position ?

Logitech GamePad (F710 and F310)

  • Logitech controllers should have the switch on the back set to “X”.


You should also be fine using the playstation 4 with the necessary configurations.

Thank you everyone who helped. Yes! I had the Logitech F310 Gamepad switch set to “X”. Right now I’m just sticking with the PS4 controller.