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Joystick connection problem

(Petros) #1

When I connect the joystick to my computer (USB connection), QGC cannot find and I cannot fine the joystick page as described in the manual. I have tried in both mac and windows. What should I do?

(Kaos) #2

I have found that I need the joystick plugged in and recognised by computer before starting QGC. Been consistent that way otherwise I have to reboot QGC if I connect controller after QGC running.
Hope that helps

(undersearobotics.com) #3

If you’re using Windows then the joystick needs to be X-Box compliant. At some point I hope they change this as it would be better to support other types of joysticks as well.

(Petros) #4

thank you. I will try that and I will get back