Xbox Series X Controller Joystick Reconfig/ Alternative Best Controller Settings

I was wondering if QGC has any options for reconfiguring the joystick settings, particularly Ascend/Descend on right stick. I wasn’t able to find any options in the settings so I imagine it’s probably not an option.

I was also wondering if anyone has any good alternative button layouts than the Blue Robotics recommended standard, as the controller XYBA buttons feel a little clunky, especially with the shift toggle. For reference, my company will be using the ROV in both static fresh water and medium current sea water, but will most likely reconfig in between.

If you do the joystick calibration you can decide what joystick axle should control what.
Just move the axle you want for each calibration question from QGC.
For button mapping, you can also do that in calibration, but on antoher page in “Joystick calibration”

Hi @DBurschlag, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

If you want to change which joystick does what the easiest way is via the RC Mode selector that QGroundControl provides. If you’re wanting to use a configuration that’s not built in (e.g. swap an axis direction or something) then

Another thing to consider is button mapping your controller through the Microsoft accessories app - I do a lot of work with the newton gripper and have linked the R2L2 triggers to the Y/B buttons as I wasn’t using these often during operations, this enables me to operate both thumbsticks with thumbs whilst also operating my gripper with my fingers. I also have the shift function programmed to the X button, and the rear paddle mapped to link with this, again allowing multiple button presses without releasing control of the thumb sticks. Plenty of other uses to this I am sure!

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How could I do what you are talking about?
For some reason the Xbox Series X Controller functions are changed (According to the manual the LB button should not disarm the BlueROV2, yet it does). My question is related to the numerical assignment that is given to each of the buttons in the software, since nowhere indicates which button corresponds to each of the numbers with which they are encoded, only the number is indicated and what function runs, if they were correctly placed according to the configuration, there would be no problem, but not being in the correct position is impossible to decipher which button is each number and to change the functions of each button to my liking to work.