Shift Control using BROV1 Config

I’m building an ROV with a thruster configuration similar to the original Blue ROV1 and am therefore using that frame selection in QGC. It’s working okay so far, except when I use the shift button on the XBox controller, the vehicle just starts moving in reverse, otherwise uncommanded. Any idea what’s going on? The trim controls don’t seem to have any effect.

Take a look at the axis indicators in the Joystick tab of the Vehicle Setup page. Does the ‘Forward’ axis indicator move when you push the button? Does the button indicator light up when you push the button?

Looks like I had two issues. Button 5 on the controller appears to work okay during setup in the joystick tab, but not when driving. I’ve remapped shift to a different button and gotten the functionality back. The uncommanded movement was fixed by re-calibrating the controller.

Is there any way to remap the thumb sticks or triggers? Thanks.