JOYSTICK function

Has any one tried the shift function below the picture

when I push this shift button,the QGC has no response.I have to set shift function in A which I had set the roll -pitch-toggle function.There is not enough buttons to set the shift function,What can I do?
I use the Logitech F710 joystick.


You can configure the shift functionality in Vehicle SetupJoystick, is it possible to configure almost 30 different functions using the normal plus the shift button.

I did a small example here of how to use the shift button :slight_smile:

The question is thatI can use the shift function,but when I push the Logitech button from the picture,the Vehicle Setup-Joystick has no mapping.Theoretically,if I push that button,the [5] would light up.
So I have to give up using this button.


It’s possible that a configuration in windows game center is necessary, this is a know issue in xbox controllers. You can find this configurations with: Right-click the Start buttonSettingsGaming.

ok,I solved the problem by following your suggestion.

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Hi Patrick
I am seting up QGC for my Newton Gripper and se same problem with shift button on my Xbox Controler , QGC will not respond to shift button.Tried to find **Right-click the Start button → Settings → Gaming.**but I do not find it. Can you please describe how to do this.
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If you cannot find the Windows gaming center setting to stop this behavior, then you cannot use the center button.

Assign the shift function to another button to use instead.

Thanks // Bo

We will add it to the docs.