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Controller Setup Issues

Hi Guys

Im having some issues setting up my controller for the heavy lift config. When I touch the joysticks they dont light up the corresponding key number in the button assign. I want to modify the controls so that the bluerov2 descends level and not at angle. I will then use the shift option to use full degrees of motion.

Currently when I push forward it dives nose down and pull back dives rear down. Require level descent for inspection

Hope someone can help or suggest an alternative as Im sure theres an easy solution out there I just cant seem to find it.


Hi @Blizzard257,

Have you followed the steps in the Software section of the BlueRov2 heavy configuration retrofit kit installation guide?

I stopped at the first section of pushing the buttons on the controller as thats the configuration I was looking for.

When I put the rov in the water the controls didn’t appear to function, so I then set the auto calibration for the thrusters.

I removed the controller altogether afterwards and re added it but some button configuration pulled through. Im using a ps4 controller if that makes a difference?

Can you check in QGC in the Frame tab if you have the “Vectored-6DOF” frame selected?

Yes, I have that all setup for 6dof.

Pic attached auto calibration inverted 1 & 2. I then manually changed 5 to enable it to descend nose first.


I’m not sure I follow what is going on. The standard behavior for the Heavy frame is to keep level, you shouldn’t have to do anything other than select the heavy frame and load its standard parameters in qgc.

In manual mode, when throttle is applied upwards, all vertical motors should push water downwards.

for tilting and rolling, both trim buttons and roll/pitch toggle should work fine.

I use a PS4 controller myself. What OS are you on?

When push the throttle forward only the 2 motors push down.

I should just have to invert the rear thrusters and that should give all 4 pushing down.