Heavy BROV2 not responding to commands properly

We are encountering problems making our brand new heavy BROV2 work. we only had a chance to setup the BROV2 in the last couple of weeks and had a test dive with it on our pool…

Our setup are:

  1. Mac ground station

  2. Logitech F310 controller

  3. 8 thruster config heavy brov 2

We followed the manual, and can connect to the BrOv2 from the Mac, successfully calibrated the accelerometers, and loaded the 8 thruster heavy config, we also calibrated the joysticks.

We are having problems controlling it. The recommended controller setup doesnt work and both joysticks sends the rover to yaw violently or move sideways.

the left analog stick works like the up down left right button functions and doesnt work as expected.


Did you perform the Configure Motor Directions section of the BR Software Setup Instructions?


hello yes we did configure it :frowning: